We are keen to engage with FCA registered Insurance Brokers who feel they could support an agency as one of our partners.

We have a team of BDMs, all of whom have extensive broking experience who look after our retail broker partners. If you are interested in working with DCL then you can contact your local BDM, details below or our agency department in London at agency@directcommercial.co.uk or on 0207 621 8470 with your initial enquiry. To progress an agency we will need a completed application form which can be obtained from the ‘downloads’ section of the website; once completed and returned, the relevant BDM will contact you and then normally need to visit you. DCL utilise of the services of www.reg.uk.com for TOBA management; registration is quick and easy via the aforementioned link


We can only grant agencies to FCA registered Insurance Brokers; if you operate as an Appointed Representative then you will need the principal firm to apply to us.

Existing brokers are invited to contact the relevant BDM at any time regarding potential or existing business to be placed with DCL. 

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Our Head of Agency & Development is Adam.Marsh@directcommercial.co.uk who can also be contacted on 07973 539408.

Please refer to our Regional BDM map below to see which member of the team covers your area. BDM contacts are as follows


angela.thomason@directcommercial.co.uk 07741 893108
stuart.baker@directcommercial.co.uk 07741 330717
mark.young@directcommercial.co.uk 07918 770758



07741 330831

07741 195784

    sophie.dodds@directcommercial.co.uk                                            07741 076 500