Connect with DCL and drive down claims and premiums.

Is your client risk aware?

Have they already invested in vehicle CCTV? 

Connect is our new discounted product which operates much like our existing Camatics offering, in terms of benefits such as driving down claims and premiums. However, policyholders are now able to submit footage from their own vehicle cameras following an incident as opposed to having to use the equipment we would usually provide and fit. 

How it works 

Policyholders report their claim & submit the relevant footage within 24 hours of the incident occurring using our dedicated online portal. Our claims team are then on-hand to: 

Ensure effective third-party intervention

Mitigate claims costs

Fight fraud using the video evidence

Camera validation MUST be completed for each vehicle using a guide which will be supplied upon inception of a policy. This is to ensure that all vehicles have suitable cameras fitted. 

REMEMBER, claims reported within 30 minutes can earn an excess waiver of up to £1000!  

If you have any questions about Connect, contact your regional BDM who will be more than happy to advise.