DCL has a wealth of experience writing higher risk motor.

All quotes offered are based on the merit of the individual risk. Every quote requested that is within DCL’s scope is reviewed by an underwriter.

Broker partners demonstrating the desire to work with DCL generally see the best quotes. Where brokers approaching DCL may be in doubt as to whether a risk fits our profile, we would much rather see a risk or discuss a potential opportunity so please submit to us for consideration.


Primary Targets: Haulage, Couriers & Waste Sector Clients Oversized Loads, Car Transporters, Tankers, Tippers and Skip Lorries no issue

Features Available:  Carriage of Hazardous Goods up to 100% of turnover, EU cover, Any Licenced Driver wordings

In general, DCL have quoted most occupations in the past and always on merit, however, we have enjoyed considerable success writing the following: Construction, Contractors, Civils, Scaffolders, Traffic Management Companies, Wholesalers & Distributors

Distressed risks (those working in metropolitan areas or risks with higher than average rates per vehicle in particular)

Public & Private Hire fleets but TPO basis only and with a minimum of 3 years fleet experience with all drivers employed by the Policyholder

Distressed Bus & Coach Fleets where the rate per vehicle is significant

DCL’s general expectation is for risks to have 3 years fleet rated experience as a minimum. We will occasionally look to offer terms for risks with less fleet experience but the rate would need to be appropriate. is a viable alternative to fleet on NCB risks or those with only 1 year’s fleet experience (subject to claims). Our online portal can quote most trades with between 1 & 10 commercial vehicles on a NCB basis. We may consider conversion to fleet from at renewal subject to performance and a suitable history of cover with us.


DCL will automatically decline terms for the following:

Self drive Hire, Credit Hire, Fast Food Delivery, Motor Trade, Embassy Fleets, New Ventures or NCD Conversions (except as mentioned above on