Carraig Premium Finance (CPF) is a premium funding facility designed to help you win more business & retain renewal

CPF can be used to fund any DCL product as well as the camera premium element of our Camatics policy. CPF also transfers the credit risk subject to the first cleared instalment after the deposit.

Finance is subject to a formal credit agreement spanning 10 months; the deposit is due within 14 days of inception. The remainder is collected via Direct Debit over 9 months, commencing 30 days after inception. 

No Credit Checks

No Set Up Fees

No Default Fees

    • Available for all DCL products including camera premium on Camatics policies.


  • Annual agreements, no automatic renewal rollover
  • MTA premiums can be added on request.
    (in most instances)
  • Overriders payable on interest charged over CPF
    base rate (Not available on Haul In One)
  • Client specific credit agreements issued
    directly to Broker.