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DCL launches new and improved Haul In One quote system

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Today, DCL are delighted to announce that we launch the new and improved Haul In One quote engine.

The new system has been upgraded to vastly improve the way in which we transact business with brokers. Amongst numerous new features, all client specific policy documents will now be available to download directly from the system.

The new quote engine includes registration look up and a more fluid approach to adding multiple vehicles to enhance your user experience, with further enhancements to be built and released in due course.

The launch of the new Haul In one system requires a quick admin reset by HIO master users. Here’s how you and your team maintain access as of Tuesday 19th March 2024:


  • If you’re a master user, you’ll need to click the “Forgot Password” link on the login page and follow the instructions.


  • Once logged in, the master user is able to add other users within your organisation and give them access to the Haul In One portal. The master user will need to re-enter all the users that they wish to maintain access.


  • For any existing quotes you may have received on the old system, while you won’t be able to see them on the new system, they will exist in our back office and can be retrieved and honoured if you provide a quote number or the policyholder postcode.


This new portal affirms our commitment to you, our brokers. We have taken big steps this year by expanding access to our rates via Open GI’s IHP+ platform and in the summer we hope to add Acturis to our distribution options. With that being said, the Haul In One portal will always be the only place you can incept and manage a multi-vehicle policy so please ensure you take the above steps to maintain access next week.


We strongly believe these advances in systems and moving to 100% A-rated capacity means HIO will provide you with a significant competitive edge and we really look forward to working with you in the coming months.