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Haul In One to launch on Acturis

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DCL are excited to announce that from the end of July, you will be able to get Haul In One quotes for single commercial vehicles via Acturis. 

What does this mean for brokers?

  • Improved access to the Haul In One product on a system you’re likely already familiar with! 
  • A full cycle service; MTAs are automated, and you won’t need to email our team. 
  • Additional levels of support from a trusted, third-party provider. 
  • As part of the launch, we have reviewed and broadened our occupations acceptance list so more risks will now quote automatically.

Stay tuned for more information about when and how you can access Haul In One on Acturis next month! 

In the meantime, the online quote engine is still available to provide quick quotes for 1-10 commercial vehicles on a single policy.

 HIO is also already live on OGI, contact your BDM if you’re an OGI user and are not already set up. 

A reminder of the Haul In One appetite and product benefits can be found here.