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The DCL claims are ready for the changes – Are you?

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With effect 31st May 2021, the “whiplash reforms” will alter the route via which claimants present their request for compensation to us and the manner in which these claims will need to be dealt with. The changes have posed a number of challenges but we are well set up to deal with these and hope it will help in the continued fight against fraud.

Part of the tactics and strategy’s that will need to be used to ensure these claims are effectively managed will revolve around the co-operation and input from all policyholders and brokers in terms of obtaining liability evidence.

One of the key stages of the new process is the need to provide a “statement of truth” (signed by the driver of the vehicle) if liability is going to be resisted. There is a requirement to disclose this initial statement of truth within 30 days of the injury claim being submitted.

Our approach to the reforms has been developed in conjunction with our legal service providers, many of whom have been part of the Technical Committee that helped shape the structure and protocols that have now been implemented within the OIC portal

As with all new legislation in the motor claims arena there will be a degree of dispute between claimants and insurers regarding how the new rules should be interpreted, and we have in place a team to monitor developments and adjust our approach as is needed.

Rest assured that DCL are prepared for the initial phase of these new regulations and that we will continue to develop our approach in order to manage the needs of our policyholders.

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