Updating MID – The Process

The MID will be advised that you will be responsible for updating the fleet schedule for your client. To do so, you then need to follow the below instructions and use a new spreadsheet. Any data sent is processed and sent to the MID overnight.

  • The Vehicle updates are not managed by DCL therefore no inception schedule has been provided, please provide a full list of vehicle(s) to insure at your earliest opportunity to make sure your vehicles are covered.


  • This policy has been set up where you just need to send a completed spreadsheet of your vehicles to the below e-mail address (we only need the first six columns and dates in dd/mm/yyyy format).


  • Please Do not put an off date within the off cover column unless the vehicles has an off date, if vehicles have an off date that matches the end of the policy, the vehicle will be removed from cover and not rolled over to the next policy period.


  • Please make sure you send a full and complete vehicle schedule with each update, however we ask that each vehicle registration must appear once and only once – if there are duplicate entries, this may cause inaccuracies on MID.


  • Please send your spreadsheet to (which is an automated e-mail so will not pick up adhoc requests). You should only send updates to this email address if you hold a DCL policy.


  • Of great importance is that the subject line of your email should contain only the policy number without spaces and that you submit a complete schedule each time, and not individual updates.


  • The email, once received at that address, will be processed automatically and sent back to you with a detailed response file.


  • For any future submissions please add new vehicles to the bottom of the complete spreadsheet and give vehicles for deletion an off date. This should then be sent to the MID as above.