Letter of appointment process

DCL operate a different procedure to many in respect of appointment letters which is designed to protect our policyholder and brokers alike. Too often policies were being transferred only to have to be moved back again after policyholders suggested they did not understand what they were signing, or brokers were losing control of a risk and being left with a debt.

Until the process has been concluded, the policy still remains under the control of the incumbent broker and the policyholder should be informed that any amendment instructions must be sent to us via them.

Please obtain written confirmation, from the policyholder, for the exact reasons for the transfer; this allows us to monitor where poor service or other issues are being received from one of our brokers and also confirms to us that the policyholder has understood what they have signed.

On receipt of the written reasons, we will advise the incumbent broker of the letter of appointment and they will have the opportunity to object on the basis of matters outstanding; certain matters outstanding may prevent or delay the transfer, but we will communicate this to you if the scenario arises.

Once we have confirmation that the incumbent broker has no objections to this transfer (or they are dealt with as part of this process) then the matter can be passed for approval internally. DCL reserves the right to refuse to accept the appointment.

Once we have all the necessary information, we will look to conclude matters promptly. Where transfers complete, you as the new broker will be responsible for future servicing of all existing claims, as well as new claims noted under the policy, all policy adjustments, declarations and any premiums that may be due as a result.