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Direct Commercial Ltd Launch Vehicle Camera/ Telematics Policy

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The DCL Camatics policy offers state-of-the-art, front facing vehicle CCTV and telematics, providing first-hand, irrefutable witness evidence to help ensure claims are settled on a fair basis.

It is an unfortunate part of being a commercial vehicle operator that in the event of an incident the finger of blame is usually pointed at the commercial vehicle, often unfairly.

DCL share a commitment with their policyholders to achieving the lowest possible claims costs. Vehicle CCTV and early notification of an incident gives our claims team the best possible opportunity to defend spurious and exaggerated third party claims.

Proving you or your driver is not responsible for an incident is winning only half of the battle.

In the event that you or your driver are liable for an incident there is potential to make huge savings on claim costs by preventing the involvement of third party companies whose involvement often result in hugely inflated claims costs. These can include high cost repairs, credit hire or even the involvement of solicitors looking for opportunities to pursue injury claims against your policy.

The Camatics technology alerts underwriters in the event of an incident and gives us the best opportunity to evaluate liability and act pro actively to capture and/or manage third party claims & thus make significant savings to your claims experience.

What is Camatics?

As part of the Camatics policy we will supply and fit all qualifying vehicles with front facing CCTV and telematics.

Unlike conventional cameras the technology is able to remotely contact our Claims Department and send video from the on-board camera.

What does this mean?

DCL will use the capability of the camera to notify and send video of incidents to quickly identify liability and take advantage of the opportunities that result from expedient claims notification. Using this information we will aim reduce third party claim costs and improve claims experiences.

What happens next?

Should you take up the DCL Camatics T20 policy we will be in contact very shortly to arrange for the fitting of the units into all qualifying vehicles.

In the event of a claim or accident that might give rise to a claim what should you do?

The fitting of this technology does not dissolve you, the policyholder, of the requirement to ensure claims are notified as soon as possible and to urgently provide any further information that might be required to best handle the claim or validate indemnity.

The ‘Panic’ button

The camera uses sensitive accelerometers to identify if a potential impact has occurred. In the event of a near miss or low speed or soft impact it may be necessary to activate the ‘Panic’ button to manually register an incident. We would recommend that the ‘Panic’ button is used as a fail safe for all incidents that might give rise to a claim.

Further question about Camatics

Please contact DCL with any other questions relating to Camatics via the following:


Telephone: +44 (0) 1245 459 700