The DCL Treble 20 Agreement is a unique and innovative contract.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does DCL allow any discount for the Treble 20 Agreement?

This is often the case, but at the Underwriter’s discretion.

Does the Policyholder pay three years premium upfront?

No – premiums are paid annually for the year ahead. The premium for years two and three are not known at inception as these are based on the claims performance of the incumbent 12 month period.

Does DCL issue Claims Experience at each renewal?

No – Claims Experience is issued only once the agreement reaches the end of the three year deal.

What information is provided for policyholders/ brokers to monitor claims?

DCL will provide a Claims Listing at each renewal. This is provided at month 10 of the current annual period and renewal terms are calculated based on this listing. Brokers should request a claims listing at around month 9 and make any representations regarding reserves at that point. At the close of month 10 the loss ratio is calculated and is then binding.

Can the policy transfer to another broker whilst a T20 Agreement is in force?

Yes – Policyholders can change broker assuming DCL have a TOBA with the new broker. Any transfers of agency requests are subject to DCL standard procedure.

What would happen if the first year’s claims deteriorated and the policyholder was in the second year of the Agreement? Would DCL look to recover any additional premium?

No – DCL only look at the current year when calculating the next year’s renewal premium.

Can the client exit the Agreement at any point?

No – the T20 is a legally binding three year agreement and premiums are due for the full 3 years.

How are claims in month 11 & 12 of a policy year taken into account?

These claims are not included in any renewal calculations but equally, any settlements or reserve reductions which occur in these months are not included.

Can you apply the Treble 20 Agreement to the Haul-in-One product?


Is funding via Carraig Premium Finance available under a Treble 20 policy?

Yes, the same rules apply; a T20 simply overarches annual fleet policies.

Does the Treble 20 require the client to implement a telematics system or cameras?

No – the Treble 20 is purely a premium stability programme although the more risk management the client implements, the more likely they are to see premium savings. If the client is keen to explore potential for integrating telematics/ camera technology, DCL provide a separate product, Camatics, which includes connected cameras and an excess waiver all with the Treble 20 scale built in.