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DCL reach fraud savings milestone

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This month, DCL reached a big milestone. Since the inception of our own in-house claims team in March 2017, we have now secured £5 million worth of fraud savings for our policyholders.

These fantastic savings have been made possible, in part, by:

  • DCL working with brokers to ensure policyholders understand the importance of direct reporting, ideally from the scene of accidents.
  • Increased use of dashcam footage. We even have our own telematics product, Camatics, available to drive down costs and accelerate claims reporting.

However, a large amount of credit is to be given to our claims team. Their proactive and thorough approach ensures we are able to effectively identify, investigate and pursue fraudulent claims.

Carl Cripps, Claims Director, said of this recent achievement: “I am delighted to report claims savings have reached £5 million pounds since bringing the department back in house, and am extremely proud of our claims team who, along with our specialist suppliers, continue to work tirelessly to produce considerable savings. We will continue to fight against opportunistic and organised fraud for the protection of our customers and underwriters.”

Here’s to reaching the next savings milestone!