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Our quote & bind product broadens its acceptance criteria for claims 

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Haul-in-one is a product from Direct Commercial which is designed to provide a sustainable home for smaller commercial vehicle operators, it also effectively supports policyholders’ business growth by being a feeder product into DCL’s wider fleet portfolio. 

Effective as of Monday 8th August, it just got easier to get a quote for this product. In addition to an already flexible approach to previous convictions, it now enjoys a much more flexible acceptance criteria in respect of previous claims.  

It is the company’s ambition that by broadening the claims criteria it will mean brokers can enjoy more of the competitive quotes the scheme can provide. These small but vital tweaks to the way DCL do business are just one of the ways we are adapting to support brokers and ensuring that they in turn can support their clients more effectively. 

If you’re a broker with an existing agency with DCL, you can request access to the HIO portal to start getting immediate quotes for any of your individual or multi-vehicle risks. The portal is still just as quick and easy to use, and the question set hasn’t changed.

If you’re not an existing broker partner, get in touch with your local BDM to set up an agency and see how we can help you.  

Haul-in-one is perfect for many occupations and recognises that drivers who are on the road a lot might attract several motoring convictions. The Haul-in-one team are also very happy to take referrals for drivers with previous relevant experience if they don’t have their own NCB.